We’re getting crafty with an upcycling project for a zero-waste workshop we’re running later this week. This no-sew tote bag made from an old t-shirt takes c. 15 mins to make, it’s great to do with kids because there are no needles involved.

Here’s how:

1. Find an old t-shirt in your wardrobe, or pick one up at a secondhand store.


2. Cut off the sleeves


3. Use a bowl or plate to draw a circle on the neck, and cut out


4. Along the bottom of the t-shirt cut equal thickness strips that are about 10 cm long


5. Turn the t-shirt inside out and start tying the strips together, taking a front strip and tying it to a back strip, do this all the way along


6. Turn the right way round. Done!

You can also tie the tassels with the t-shirt the right way round if you want to keep them on show, see bag on the right.