About Gram

Gram is a new type of “zero waste” grocery store. You won’t find any packaging, just great produce from local farms and makers, as well as store-cupboard essentials from around the world.

You are welcome to fill your own containers (jars, boxes, bags, etc.) from the hygienic dispensers, or use the paper bags provided.

You can buy as little or as much as you need because everything is sold loose and by weight. And when you’ve used it up, there will be no packaging to throw away.

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Why unpackaged?

Gram is born out of a crucial need to reduce the waste we create on a daily basis. In Sweden, household trash amounts to c. 466 kgs per person per year.

In a world where temperatures are rising, and our oceans and landscapes are filled with plastic debris, each of us can take small steps to be kinder to the planet and leave a lighter footprint.

By buying your groceries without packaging you can take one of those small steps.

Sea with rubbish floating in it

Hygiene at Gram

The dispensers we use are made from food grade, BPA-free plastic. Most of the food is stored and dispensed from sealed “gravity silos” where you hold your bag or container under, pull a lever and out comes the product.

It’s a very hygienic and safe system, as no hands or sneezes can get to the food. Other more “knobbly” or fine-grainproducts (think nuts or flour) are stored in scoop trays with lids, just like lösgodis.

Out the back we keep everything in sealed, air-tight boxes, and have a strict hygiene procedure for cleaning and refilling the dispensers.

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Our range is c. 92% organic. A few products are non-organic, where it’s hard to find but we feel it’s a great product to have in bulk, or if it’s locally produced and of a high standard.

Take a look at the products page for the full list.

We are always interested to hear what you think is missing, so contact us with your ideas.

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Our suppliers

Our aim is to be as zero waste as possible. That means making sure we reduce packaging at every stage from producer to your home. We buy products in bulk, with the theory that the larger the container the less material is used per kilo.

We try to work with suppliers who sympathise with our mission and help us reduce or reuse packaging.

Field of rape blossom with blue sky
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Bags & containers

We have FSC certified paper bags to put your produce in, and we sell glass jars and bottles and cloth bags to take it all home in. We encourage you to bring your own bags and containers to help us achieve our zero waste mission.

If you bring your own

If you bring your own containers here’s what to do.

  • Weigh your container or bag on the scales in the shop
  • Place the sticker on your container
  • Fill with whatever you like
  • Go to the till to pay

Read more on the “how to shop page” , and how to shop the zero waste way.

Remember: Wash your containers thoroughly before using. Gram does not accept any liability for any contamination after products have been placed into customers’ own containers.