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Plastic-free July

31 tips to reduce single-use plastic This July we shared a tip a day about the swaps you can make to avoid plastic in your everyday life. Here are all 31 ideas from shampoo bars to bamboo toothbrushes, making coffee, cleaning and take-out food. Plus the reasons why plastic is a problem. Click on an image […]

Zero-waste makeup

The ultimate zero-waste makeup solution is to go au natural, and for those lucky enough to have a glowing, blemish-free complexion go for it. But for those (hand up over here) who tend to break out when stressed, time of the month, tired or who simply like how it looks, a bit of slap* is […]

Making your new year’s resolution stick

January, ‘tis the season for gym subscriptions in overdrive, the sound of blenders blitzing kale smoothies and wallets tightly closed until the summer sales. At Gram, we’ve been welcoming new customers this first week of the year, all with the new year’s resolution to cut down their trash. We love! But, how can you make […]

No presents please, I’m a wannabe minimalist

The art of saying no to presents without pissing off your family, and how to give without pissing off the planet.   Part of living “zero waste” is trying to live more simply, the idea is if you have less, you need less. I was a little sceptical about this when I first started trying […]

The no-sew old t-shirt bag

We’re getting crafty with an upcycling project for a zero-waste workshop we’re running later this week. This no-sew tote bag made from an old t-shirt takes c. 15 mins to make, it’s great to do with kids because there are no needles involved. Here’s how: 1. Find an old t-shirt in your wardrobe, or pick […]

Four plastic-free swaps

If you’re looking for some easy ways to start being more “zero waste” and cut down single use plastics, here are some simple swaps for everyday items. Don’t try to do them all at once (guaranteed fail), incorporate one into your daily routine, and when you’ve got used to it start another. 1. Cloth shopping bags Using […]

Have a zero waste Christmas

Is it possible to celebrate Christmas without creating a whole lot of trash? Sure it is, plus it’ll save you money and make your presents, decorations and dinner table look all the more special. Presents Spices in jars from Gram A good zero waste present strategy is to give things that can either be grown, […]

Zero waste shopping guide

Gram will have FSC certified paper bags to put your food in, but our dream is for you to have no packaging to throw away when you leave the shop. So how does that work? What do you need with you when come to Gram, and how do you store the food at home? Here’s our ultimate guide […]