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Making your new year’s resolution stick

January, ‘tis the season for gym subscriptions in overdrive, the sound of blenders blitzing kale smoothies and wallets tightly closed until the summer sales. At Gram, we’ve been welcoming new customers this first week of the year, all with the new year’s resolution to cut down their trash. We love! But, how can you make […]

The trouble with recycling

Most Scandinavians have a recycle or die attitude, it’s ingrained in both culture and values. But what if recycling was doing more harm than good? What if it was one of the biggest obstacles to people and companies reducing their waste? Treating the problem In Sweden we each create around 480kg of household waste per year, that’s about average compared with […]

Four plastic-free swaps

If you’re looking for some easy ways to start being more “zero waste” and cut down single use plastics, here are some simple swaps for everyday items. Don’t try to do them all at once (guaranteed fail), incorporate one into your daily routine, and when you’ve got used to it start another. 1. Cloth shopping bags Using […]