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Zero-waste makeup

The ultimate zero-waste makeup solution is to go au natural, and for those lucky enough to have a glowing, blemish-free complexion go for it. But for those (hand up over here) who tend to break out when stressed, time of the month, tired or who simply like how it looks, a bit of slap* is […]

From mess to less

Why I went zero waste In about the middle of 2015 I was coming out of a bit of a tricky period in my life, and consequently a period of intense consumerism. Clothes, trainers, kitchen appliances, cosmetics, stuff, stuff, stuff. Buying things made everything better. For five minutes. Then I read an article about a […]

Have a zero waste Christmas

Is it possible to celebrate Christmas without creating a whole lot of trash? Sure it is, plus it’ll save you money and make your presents, decorations and dinner table look all the more special. Presents Spices in jars from Gram A good zero waste present strategy is to give things that can either be grown, […]

The rise and rise of package-free shops

Sweden – the pioneers of all things sustainable with only 1% of our household waste going to landfill and an ambitious goal to go completely fossil free over the next few decades. But we’ve been trailing behind in one area while other countries have spead ahead – package-free grocery stores. The “zero waste” movement has […]